10 Times Mindy Kaling Made You Wish You Were Her BFF

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Mindy Talks Chicken Wings


Mindy Kaling is officially my spirit animal. Not that I think she resembles an actual animal or anything — but because she is the paragon of human existence: love, laughter and just the right amount of huggable humor. And after last year's reading of her brilliant memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)–which I refer to as my Bible–I no longer fear living a life of unemployment, unfitness and cat hoarding. Not to mention her show The Mindy Project is a binge-worthy rom-com filled with so much spot-on comedic genius you'd have thought she ghostwrote the entire Bridesmaids script or something.

In case you were wondering what all that ass-kissing was leading up to, here it goes: I want to be friends, Mindy. Best friends! A friendship that would require some sort of blood oath followed by the watching of '80s flicks and the ordering of pizzas (in which we'd tip the delivery boy with our phone numbers on the receipt because what better way to get the desperation across?). So to show my appreciation and semi-stalkerish obsession with her, here are 14 times I wished I was Mindy's best friend forever. No take backs!

1. When she dodged embarrassment with class.

Mindy's Love Quest


I still have nightmarish flashbacks about getting hit with the worse silent treatment ever when I tried (and subsequently failed) hitting on Nate H. in college.

2. That one time she almost shared my taste in beautiful men.

Mindy Loves Blondes


Okay so Nate was a brunette, not a blonde, but he was statistically beautiful, tall and Avenger-like and fortunately for him, way out of my league.

3.  That one time she called out America on body image.

Mindy On Body Image


If you haven't read up on Mindy's brilliant take on body image, it's never too late to join Team Somewhere-Between-Chubby-and-Curvy. 

4. Or how's about that other time when she called out colorless TV industries.

Mindy Threatens Danny


LOVED what Mindy had to say about the misrepresentation of people of color in the TV industry these days. Somewhere back at Dr. Lahiri‘s office, Tamra is doing her happy dance and no work at all.

5. The time when she valued friendship on a more spiritual, sometimes weirder level.

Mindy On Friendships


“To have half of a relationship like BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling” has been on my wishlist for quite a while now, and still no one has made me laugh so hard on our date that wine goes shooting out of my eyeballs.

6. That one time she summed up my singlehood in one solitary sentence.

Mindy On Life(via)

At least we'll always have this common…

7. That other time introverts around the world gave her that well-deserved round of applause. 

Mindy Safety 101


Finally, someone in support of my viscous agliophobic, couch-hugging habits.

8. That one time when she got everyone on board with her exercise routine.

Mindy's Donut Cravings


Follow Mindy's routine everyday for the rest of your life (or at least for 10 minutes) and you'll be one step closer to avenging your imaginary Hollywood husband too.

9. Like that one time when we found out she was Team Liv.

Screenshot 2014-06-23 at 4.32.52 PM


And of course, who could forget about her timeless Twitter posts, which you should already be following. Also I'm having an SVU party this weekend, and only Mindy and a shirtless Danny Castellano are invited.

10. And last but not least, that time she asked the question we've been asking our whole lives.

Screenshot 2014-06-23 at 4.36.49 PM


We even have matching fortune cookie fortunes, you guys! #win