Milo Ventimiglia’s “Ultradome” Gets Picked Up By MSN

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Milo Ventimiglia s  Ultradome  Gets Picked Up By MSN FP 1869780 RIJ FANBOYS 020309 233x300 jpgWhile we mostly know him as Jess from Gilmore Girls, Peter Petrelli from Heroes, or as the guy who broke the hearts of starlets, Milo Ventimiglia has also been getting behind the scenes and producing his own work. Earlier this year, he made a PSA with his Heroes co-star Masi Oka, and he owns a production company, Divide Pictures. Divide just announced that their web-series, “Ultradome,” has been picked up for distribution by MSN and will premiere in January 2010. Milo will serve as executive producer. The series will be featured on MSN’s “Comic-Con” related website Parallel Universe. Here’s how Tubefilter describes the series:

“The program pits comic and sci-fi fanboys against one another in a virtual octagon, where two individuals debate timeless topics like, “Would Harry Potter or Neo win in a fight?” and “Who’s the cooler vampire? Count Chocula or Lestat?”

Image: Fame Pictures