Milo Ventimiglia In “Gamer”

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Milo Ventimiglia in  Gamer  tyg 003783 jpgMilo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls) stars in the upcoming film Gamer.

In the film, Kabel (Gerard Butler), a death row inmate, unwittingly becomes a pop culture hero. Millions of people watch him and other convicts battle in Slayers, a violent multi-player online game. A wealthy young gamer controls his every move and a resistance group opposes the game as high-tech slavery. Kabel becomes a pawn in a battle to take down the inventor of the game, Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall). He must learn to escape the game – and those controlling his sim – to overthrow the system. Milo Ventimiglia stars as Rick Rape, one of the other people forced into the Game as a Sim-like avatar.

“Gamer” Trailer

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