“Millionaire Matchmaker’s” Jilted Marc Is Actually A Reality Dating Show Jumper

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Of course, he was too good to be true! Marc, the dashing gentleman who millionairess Shauna ditched on last week's epic Millionaire Matchmaker is actually on another reality show! Marc is competing for the love of model Cindy Margolis on the Fox Reality Channel's Seducing Cindy. His profile on the show's website says he's a “celebrity dater” and shockingly reveals that he “loves beautiful women.” What a surprise.

Marc, who's full name is Marc Hertle, is from Laguna Beach. Wonder if he knows any of our housewives? He should hook up with Jeana Keough! Marc has a myspace, where he is listed as “101” years old (no wonder Shauna felt old energy coming from him) and where he says he is working with a “team of stuntmen, as well as act and model.” As far as  his acting career, I found two separate IMDB pages for a Marc Hertle, each with one credit, one for Future Shock and another for … Bikini Traffic School.

It's really too bad Shauna ran out on Marc; she's another reality show addict. The world first learned of her on the Style network show Split Ends, where she acted in the calm, rational manner we have come to expect of her.

Alas, it turns out Marc has already been eliminated from the cast of Seducing Cindy. Looks like he can never win!

Big shout out to the commenters who alerted me of this coincidence! Never would have figured it out otherwise.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX REALITY CHANNEL