Millionaire Matchmaker: Denise Richards’ Dad Is Surprisingly Adorable

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Irv Richards So Denise Richards‘ dad Irv Richards was on Millionaire Matchmaker last night, and he's actually really adorable, you guys! I've never been particularly obsessed with Denise, particularly because she was married to Charlie Sheen, but her dad is just so great that he casts a rosy glow on her that makes me not so snarky.

Patti Stanger and Denise are friends in real life, and Patti has apparently been asking to be allowed to set her dad up for a while now. Irv is 62-years old, and was married to his wife Joni Lee for thirty-seven years, until she tragically succumbed to cancer in December of 2007. So right away he's much more empathetic than most guys on the show who have been married, since he didn't divorce his wife for a younger model or ‘fall out of love'.

The set-up is a little different for this date than it has been in the past. Instead of having a mixer, Patti had Irv watch through a two-way mirror as she interviewed the candidates, and asked him at the end whom his favorite was. He took copious notes the whole time and never said anything negative about anyone. He was adorable. He had cited Felicity Huffman as his celebrity crush, and the woman he chose is sweet, blond, and loves kids. For their date, he remembers from her interview that she likes cooking, so the two of them go to Irv's house and cook a meal together with a celebrity chef. They're polite and cordial and smiley at each other the whole time, and way more fun to watch than the other awkward date between a millionairess who owns nursing homes and an awkward lawyer/doctor obsessed with movie references.

You guys, am I lame if I only want to watch older people fall in love with each other from now on? They treat each other with respect and never do anything douchey like trying to get them to stay over BEFORE MONOGAMY. Patti has taught me well.

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