20 Millennial Actresses Who Just Might Be The Next Meryl Streep

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Every generation has that actress. The one who acheives great success, earns respect in their field, and consistently wins acting awards. Right now, Meryl Streep is the reigning queen of the acting world. With 20 (!) Oscar nominations and 23 (!) for the Golden Globes, she holds the record of the most noms for both of these prestigous awards. With so many accolades, she has some big shoes to fill, but there are plenty of young actresses with the potential to dethrone, or at the very least become comparable (someday), to Meryl's huge success and talent.

Millennials are defined as individuals born between the years 1983-1998. Right now, this generation is on top of the world — coming into their own around the globe in pretty much every field. The same goes for actresses and the world of entertainment. Yes, they are still just starting the careers that hopefully will become successful lives full of fame and recognition. The following 20 millennial actresses have achieved great critical acclaim and commercial success and one of them will be our generation's Streep.