Miley Cyrus Is Fully Naked In The ‘Wrecking Ball’ Video, And I Dunno Why I’m Surprised

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Miley Cyrus in Wrecking Ball video September 2013Can you guys all do me a favor and not quote me on my Miley Cyrus opinions for a while? Because I don't know what they are. Last week, after the whole pregnancy-inducing VMA performance with Robin Thicke, I was pretty sure that she was an evil genius, acutely aware of what would get her talked about on a national level. I wasn't psyched about it, but I had to respect it to a certain degree.

But now that I've seen the video for her newest single, 'Wrecking Ball', I'm not entirely sure that she's in control of these impulses. She seems to need sexual attention from the media at a constant and escalating level, to a degree that I'm starting to find really worrying.

For example, you know that outfit she had on at the VMAs? That shiny plastic bra-top and boy short situation? Well prepare to consider that a modest get-up, because she BEGINS this video in nothing but a ribbed tank top with no bra underneath, and white panties. And not even a full-length tank top, but a cropped one. And since you can see her nips through the shirt, the only thing that strictly isn't on display is her vagine and her full butt, minus the under part, which . Everything else — stomach, arms, legs, breasts — is right out front, in an overtly sexual way.

But like I said, that's how she started the video, so soon she tackles that 'I can't see your full undercarriage' problem by GETTING TOTALLY NAKED FOR NO REASON. It has nothing to do with the song, isn't done artistically, and made me feel physically nauseated, but there was Miley, soaring around on a wrecking ball covering her breasts with one arm and shielding her vagina from view with the chain from the ball. And she intersperses those shots with images of her licking a sledgehammer, writhing in a pile of broken concrete, and inexplicable close-ups of her crying. I don't understand.

Like, it doesn't seem healthy to need eyes on you in that way, and I'm starting to get a kind of Amanda Bynes vibe from all of this. Like, where can you go, shock value-wise, once you're completely naked? Isn't that the end of the line in some sense? It looks like she's acting out and downward spiraling, so maybe there's a more chemical explanation for this kind of erratic behavior, and we're not seeing it because we think it's just Miley being Miley. Who. Effing. Knows.

I know I don't. The only thing I'm sure of is that if she were my daughter, or my sister, or even my friend, I would be sitting down with her to have a serious talk about career decisions that you can't take back. Like, we will never again live in a world where people don't know what Miley's naked body looks like at age twenty, or a world in which she could potentially get attention solely based on her music and not on her sexuality or her nip slips. Like, I just wrote an entire post about her new music video and never once mentioned music, because it isn't the focus…which I believe is fully her intention. Isn't that kind of tragic? I think so.