Will.i.am’s New Video Proves That The World Really Does Need Miley Cyrus

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Today marks the release of yet another music video featuring Miley Cyrus. This time, it's not for one of Miley's own songs, but instead for Will.i.am‘s new single “Feelin' Myself.” Before watching, I thought I knew what I was getting into. Miley would likely be naked, her tongue a-waggin', and she would probably grind up on Will.i.am since his 38 and that's kind of her deal. So when I watched it, what I saw was actually pretty disappointing and I had a thought no one in the past six months has dared to think, “This could really use some MORE Miley Cyrus.”

I know. I know. It's horrible. She's been everywhere– singing with cats, smoking weed on stage, showing us parts of her pubic area that should never see the light of day. The last thing anyone wants is more Miley. It's just that this music video is soooooo boring. We get Will.i.am just standing there rapping with some futuristic lines moving around his head. And I don't know if you knew this, but Will.I.Am is a terrible rapper. Absolutely horrible. For example the hook of “Feelin' It” is, “The mirror be like, you the shit, you the shit, you the shit, goddammit, you the shit, you the shit, you the shit.”  This song is so insanely repetitive and the worst part is I know I'm going to end up hearing it all the time when I'm just trying to buy groceries.

But Miley! Miley brings a little life to this. She starts out just quasi-dancing next to Will.i.am, but then she sings the chorus with him and this might sound weird, but her voice works well for it. If Miley retired from everything else and just sang choruses for rap songs, I would be totally okay with that. We also get verses from someone called Hannah French Montana and Wiz Khalifa. These are almost as boring as Will.I.Am. But then, Will.I.Am calls out Miley's name as if she's the next rapper… and she is! Her first line? “Now everybody trippin' like they poppin' Miley/molly, Up in the club is where you'll find me.” Oh no. The Miley/molly thing again? At least she's over denying it now. I think.

Miley's “rap” is definitely not creative, but this video has dropped my standards so low, so quickly, that I'm thankful for Miley at least making it somewhat interesting. We get to see Miley attempt rapping. That's new, right? And she doesn't seem half asleep like everyone else. She dances around! She seems excited! She mentions twerking for the 900th time, but I'll take it. Plus, she keeps her clothes on! I guess you don't know what you've got til it's gone it's everywhere and you actively start avoiding it at all costs, but I sure as hell preferred “We Can't Stop” to this.

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)