Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Was All Liam Hemsworth’s Fault

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Miley Cyrus  VMA Performance Was All Liam Hemsworth s Fault Miley Cyrus 7 gif

In case you’re still out there taking tallies of who saw Miley Cyrus‘ performance at the Video Music Awards on Sunday night, don’t add Liam Hemsworth to the list just yet. Don’t worry, I’ll leave space for his name right under ‘everybody’ and ‘their mothers’.

Apparently Liam literally skipped the awards show because he and Miley aren’t actually engaged anymore because he didn’t want to see her raunchy performance. He wasn’t like, emotionally ready, as her fiance, to watch her rub her butt on another guy’s junk, I guess? Amateur hour, am I right? Ain’t no man ever gonna tell me he’s not comfortable with me twerking half-naked on Robin Thicke on live television! Least of all someone with whom I’m supposedly planning to spend the rest of my life!

But even though Liam wasn’t physically at the event itself, he apparently inspired some of its…ahem…more vivid elements. According to an insider speaking to Hollywood Life:

“Miley and Liam had an argument the day of the show — she was really upset and she took it all out onstage, so the performance got even crazier than they had planned because Miley was really amped up. When she fights with Liam, she acts out and gets even more rebellious, and that came out on stage, but she’s not sorry. She made a big impact and that was the goal. She did warn Liam that the show was going to be wild but even she didn’t know just how wild it was going to be.”

YOU KNEW ABOUT THAT, LIAM? YOU KNEW ABOUT THAT AND YOU DIDN’T WARN US? Thanks a whole bundle. Oh and while I have you here, can we count this as an official reminder never ever to have a fight with Miley ever again? Because that particular spat had extremely effective consequences for each and every one of us, not just you. Every human on the planet except for Miley’s dad Billy Ray. He’s fine with it.