Ooo This Is Fun! Let’s Watch Miley Cyrus Stalk The Paparazzi Stalking Her!

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miley cyrus liam hemsworthMy, my, my look how the tables have turned for young Miley Cyrus. After spending a lifetime getting followed by middle-aged men dressed in unbecoming flannel shirts, she finally gets her revenge. And by that I do not mean she constructs an entirely new identity, moves to the Hamptons and systemically destroys people's lives. I simply mean that she takes out her camera while she's walking her dog and videotapes the person who's photographing her.

Truth be told, it's extremely weird to see these celebrity photoshoots go down in person. (Or as close to person as I'll ever get.) Miley Cyrus is just walking her dog around a quiet neighborhood and an older man is snapping photos as she goes. It's odd and it gives me a morality-induced stomachache. Mostly because  I have such a love/hate relationship with the paparazzai.

On one hand they're literal stalkers. They're paid to follow people around and take photos of them. Like Miley says in this video, in any other context that entire concept would be extremely creepy. In a Lifetime movie way.

On the other hand, I directly contribute to this stalkation with my personal celebrity obsession. Like I can sit here and be like “stop right now, thank you very much, I need somebody with more of a human touch. Hey paparazzi, always on the run, gotta slow it down baby, gotta stop following celebrities” when I see these videos.  But then what would I do all day? Yes, writing hate haikus about Chris Brown does fill most of my mornings, but looking at celebrity photos fills most of my afternoons.

This is such an ethical dilemma. And the only real solution that I can see requires every single celebrity getting on some form of social media and sharing more of their daily, mundane activities with us. Yes, this includes young celebrities too. What's that old saying? No one's too fetal for Facebook.

(Photo: PacificCoastNews.com)