Miley Cyrus Missed A Costume Change And Performed In Her Underwear, An Oddly Familiar Look

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Probably the most shocking thing about Miley Cyrus performing in her underwear at a concert for her Bangerz tour…is the fact that she didn't actually intend to.

Even though most of her costumes are little more than distractingly bedazzled lingerie, Miley actually did intend to wear some pants while she sang '23' at the Milwaukee stop on her tour on March 9th. But she accidentally missed a costume change backstage, and was forced to run onstage and perform in only her underwear.

And when I say ‘she was forced to', what I really mean is ‘she decided to'. Because I'm prettttty sure they could have stalled the music for another thirty seconds or something while she pulled on the pair of ass-less chaps that she usually wears for this number. But hey! If I had on a pair of underwear that coincidentally perfectly matched my bra, I'd probably run on wearing just that as well. (Having Miley's body and her complete and utter lack of self-consciousness wouldn't hurt either.) Just for reference, this what she's normally wearing during '23'.

And since people follow her tour pretty closely and are interested in her costumes, people were a little confused by the change. They thought it must be intentional, so Miley took to Twitter herself to clear up those rumors and explain what happened.




It's nice of her to clear things up for her fans and everything — but would they seriously have just continued on with the song if Miley hadn't been onstage? I don't think so. Maybe you just like being in your underoos, girl! No shame in that.

(Photo: Twitter)