Miley Cyrus Returns To Two And A Half Men, But She Lost Her Cleavage Somewhere Along The Way

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The last time Miley Cyrus breezed through the Two and a Half Men house, her fast-talking character Missi had captured the attentions of both Walden (Ashton Kutcher) and Jake (Angus T. Jones) with her rough charm and penchant for sitting around in a bikini and/or lingerie. She ultimately chose to romance Jake, though at the end of the episode she revealed that she had a doctor boyfriend she had to get back together with, right as Jake was returning to the Army.

But considering the way that Miley's co-stars gushed over her guest spot, it's no surprise that Missi is coming back, and very soon. According to Entertainment Weekly, she'll return in the November 8th episode to stomp all over Jake's heart in her combat boots a second time. Interestingly, the episode “Avoid the Chinese Mustard” doesn't list Miley among the characters on either IMDb or Wikipedia, but we did track down an official episode synopsis:

Tired of the complications of a traditional relationship, Walden hires an actress to play the part of his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jake and Missi plan a rendezvous at the beach house.

This sounds even racier than Miley's topless sunbathing in the last episode, and yet judging from the first look photo above, Missi seems to be even more buttoned up this time around. It was clear that Miley's character was pretty sexual when we first saw her, so I'm surprised to see her looking, dare I say, demure in a dress. Then again, it is a pretty short dress. But her breasts — which she nicknamed “Kim” and “Khloe” — are safely tucked away.

I guess now that there's no question of whether she's seducing Walden, Missi has decided to tone things down a bit. But this could reflect badly on Miley. Why, we might forget her attention-grabbing looks and go back to thinking that she can be tamed.

Photo: CBS via EW