Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Are Competing For On-Screen Sex Scenes

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Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Are Competing For On Screen Sex Scenes miley liam sex scenes jpgEver since we showed you those photos of Miley Cyrus and her boobs trying to seduce Ashton Kutcher, I know you’ve been dying to see her on Two and a Half Men. Well, gird your loins, because her episode airs this Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on CBS… and everyone sounds super-excited to have gotten to work with Hannah Montana.

This behind-the-scenes video from Entertainment Tonight has Ashton and Jon Cryer raving about their pint-size guest star, how she memorized the blocks of text that the writers gave her. Of course, if you follow Miley’s Twitter account you wouldn’t be surprised that she’s good at being a motormouth. Playing Missi, an old family friend of Walden’s (Kutcher), she launches into monologues about where she was conceived and how cute Army guys are.

Because it’s not Ashton she’s after, it’s his much more age-appropriate co-star Angus T. Jones. It just so happens that Missi is visiting the same weekend that Jake is home from the military. The two at least have a kiss scene, as Angus told the ET interviewer that he was nervous about what Liam Hemsworth might do to him. “The first day of rehearsal,” he confessed, “I asked [Miley] what her fiance thought about this. She explained that he had just been involved in a scene where he basically had to pretend to have sex with this girl, so for her it was just like—it was her turn, more or less.” (Since we know that Katniss and Gale don’t have sex in Catching Fire, we’re guessing that Liam was shooting a scene from one of his other upcoming projects, like Arabian Nights or Empire State.)

Right after this it cut to Miley saying, “I hope that at some point I can come back here and do this, just ’cause it’s been a really good time. So I think it’s a really fun episode, and it sets up, if I ever want to come back here… I think it’s really fun to play a character who is so opposite of the other girls who’ve been on the show.”

Am I the only one who found it hilarious that Miley and Liam almost seem to be competing for who has the raunchier fake love scene? I mean, that’s one way to tackle the issue of being two beautiful people engaged to each other who often have to make out with other beautiful people. But in that case, I’m expecting a Missi/Walden hookup the next time Miley drops by Two and a Half Men. Though I can tell Angus is probably hoping that Missi will make Jake a man next time.

Photo: Liam Hemsworth’s Instagram