Miley Cyrus May Join The Cast Of Two And A Half Men Because Too Many People Still Like That Show

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Now that the Imperius Curse that the Two And A Half Men producers had placed on its star Angus T. Jones has failed and he is able to fully comprehend that the show he's working on is ‘filth', those same producers are looking for a new bright and shining star to rescue their masterpiece of writing and acting. And from the murmurings of the internet community, they may have to look no further than Miley Cyrus

When you really think about it, she's the perfect choice. She's already annoying, so she'll fit right in with her costar Ashton Kutcher and the show itself. She's also already religious, so she can't go crazy-cats conversion out of nowhere like Angus did. She's also famous in her own right, unlike the manboy she'd be replacing, whose greatest claim to fame outside of the show and his recent meltdown is the fact that he shares his name with a quarter-pounder. Seriously, Miley has twitpics more famous than this guy. Her most recent haircut gets asked for autographs more frequently than he does. And if you're looking for an actual reason that Miz Cyrus might join the show after Angus maybe leaves at the end of the season, here are some unsubstantiated rumors from an inside source ‘close to the star':

“There are talks to replace Angus and the perfect person would be Miley Cyrus,” says the source. “The episodes that she appeared on brought in the highest ratings of the season.” Miley appeared in two episodes last month as southern firecracker Missi, the daughter of Walter's old friend. “When she was on set she was pleasant and very enjoyable to work with. She won everyone over. Now the whispers are growing louder. People involved in the show want Miley to replace Angus.”

Well I hope ‘people involved in the show' get their way, because I would like nothing better than to be able to go about my life in peace without Miley cropping up in it from time to time. And if you ever want to hide something from me, there is literally no better place than within the show Two And A Half Men. Not only will I not find it — I won't even go looking.

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