This Is Just A Fun Little Video Of Miley Cyrus’ Tour Bus Bursting Into Flames

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Miley Cyrus sticking her tongue out


Miley Cyrus‘ tour bus burst into flames yesterday. At least according to her younger sister and noted instagramist, Noah Cyrus. The aspiring cry-for-help tweeted out “cyrus bus down!!!!” late last night and then followed it up with a video on Instagram for us all to stare at for the rest of the day. Okay, maybe not the rest of the day, but at least for an hour or two. Because holy twerks, this things really on fire. Just look! LOOK AT THIS MADNESS!

While we don't know any real details at the moment about this fire, we do know that no one got hurt. Which seems incredibly lucky considering how much time real, live human beings probably spend on that bus. Human beings that include National Treasure Tongue, Miley Cyrus. The thought of her being anywhere close to danger gives me angina. Then again, so does everything else she does and wears and says and oh I  remember the days when her mere appearance didn't give me severe heart palpitations.

Even though this fire's probably caused by mechanical failures — or not, I actually have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to non-pop-culture things — it does come on the heels of exceptionally bad press for the Bangerz Tour. Between parents refusing to take their children to see her concert and teleprompter rumors, the tour can't stop taking hits. Then again, neither can Miley. And yes, I do accept virtual high fives as acknowledgement for my excellent marijuana joke. While you ponder the future of my stand-up career, take a look at the inside of the bus after the fire. Totally cray, right?!

Inside of Miley Cyrus Bus after Fire