Awkward: Miley Cyrus Thinks She’s Too Good For The Teen Choice Awards

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In exciting news for the Billy Ray Cyrus School for Wayward Children Who Are Related To Me, Miley Cyrus won the Choice Hottie Award at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. Unfortunately for all the fans who voted to get her there, she didn't make an appearance. Daily Cyrus stalking tells me she's probably still in Philadelphia with her faux-ance Liam Hemsworth.

But considering that she has access to unlimited travel resources, that's not really a legitimate excuse for skipping an awards show. Especially an awards show that think she deserves to win awards. I'm pretty sure those are few and far between these days.

Last time I checked the Oscars weren't knocking down her door to celebrate The Last Song. Nor were the Grammys attempting to give her a belated lifetime achievement award for “Party in the USA.” So if I were her, I would probably show up at the Teen Choice Awards to thank the fans who got me there.

Or at least, pre-record a video thanking my fans.

It's offensive enough that professional vampire Ian Somerhalder had to accept the Choice Hottie Award with her. Making him be the bearer of her “sorry I'm not sorry I didn't show up” excuse is just unacceptable.

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