Miley Cyrus Calls Taylor Swift Frigid And Sexless So You Don’t Forget That She Still Hates Her

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Miley Cyrus Shocked Get to your nearest storm shelter because Miley Cyrus has returned for service to her Taylor Swift-dissing post. Long gone are the hours past where Miley would only slyly try to make you look bad. These days, she's busting out the big guns and is not stopping at GO. Or, maybe she just really really dislikes Taylor and doesn't want anyone to forget.

According to Hollywood Life, a source in OK! Magazine revealed that Miley allegedly hates how mean Taylor is to other women. So she, in turn, whipped up some choice words of her own. Ya know, to balance things out. And, just like Kendall Jenner introducing 5 Seconds of Summer, Miley couldn't help but drag Harry Styles into things.

“She thinks Taylor is stuck up and can’t deal with how prissy she is. Miley can’t stand girly girls. She’s telling everyone that Taylor is a ‘sexless, frigid ice princess’ who ‘bored’ Harry Styles out of bed.”

Woooh, girl. There is a lot going on here that we need to talk about. Is it that you dislike Taylor because she's snotty toward you, which is pretty justified? Or is it because she's “girly” and doesn't have (enough? any? what's the criteria, here?) sex, neither of which have anything to do with you? The judges give you 10 points for including, what they'll accept as, a subtle Frozen reference. But this dig is so weirdly obsessed with her sex life that I don't even know how to feel about it. Maybe just, like, don't be friends with her if she freezes summer in Arendelle? I think you should just let it go, honestly.

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