Miley Cyrus Snubbed By Radiohead

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sipaphotostwo282600-CA-51ST-ANNUAL.jpgRadiohead just isn’t that into Miley Cyrus! Miley recently told The Johnjay & Rich Show that she wasn't very happy when she got the cold shoulder from the band at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

During the interview Miley recalled her shock when the band, which she considers one of her favorites, refused to meet her backstage.

Nor would they let the Hannah Montana starlet into their dressing room.

Miley explains, “If someone, like, said that, like, ‘I would cry if I met them. I really want to meet them,' I would freaking, like, run and, like, give them the biggest hug in the world because that’s cool, you know But they were like, ‘We don’t really do that.'

She also says, “The reason I'm in this business is to make people happy. I left 'cause I was so upset. I wasn't going to watch. Stinkin' Radiohead! I'm gonna ruin them, I'm going to tell everyone.

Image Credited to Newscom