Miley Cyrus Is Open To Joking About Liam On SNL, Cue Nervous Laughter

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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus together August 2013It seems like just yesterday Miley Cyrus was making me super uncomfortable by posing for nudie pics and sticking her tongue out. Oh wait, that was yesterday. But in addition to making me cringe for those reasons, she's also started making me cringe by doing really awkward things. Like yesterday when it was reported that she thanked Liam Hemsworth (“I love you” included) in the liner notes for her album Bangerz, even though they're broken up. Or now, when she's reportedly totally fine with mocking her breakup with Liam during her Saturday Night Live hosting gig this weekend.

Sources tell Hollywood Life (where they're known to collect anonymous sources like key chains from their dads' business trips) that they're sure there will be a skit related to it, and Miley's totally cool with that.

“She’s totally cool with the breakup and not running from it,” the insider adds. “She would so be down to do something or mention it for the sake of comedy. She’s an entertainer at heart and she’d even find it funny herself. If she does mention Liam or do some kind of skit, it will be hilarious and she would be so comfortable doing it.”

While I'm all for celebrities poking fun at themselves — and it seems like Miley is definitely willing to do that, to an extreme, based on her promos — this sounds like the epitome of awkward. It's like when you're in high school and your BFF breaks up with her boyfriend and then keeps desperately making jokes about him at the lunch table and going, “I'm so over him, you guys,” so you just sit there laughing nervously into your sandwich. Except in this case it's like if that friend then got Bobby Moynihan to wear a silly costume next to her while she read “I'm so over him, you guys” woodenly off a teleprompter. And then Kenan Thompson pops up and sings “What Up With That,” probably.

Since this comes from an anonymous source, it could just be balderdash. But Miley has a lot of shocking things on her shocking things list (which is probably on her fridge next to that reminder to go to the store and get more molly), so I wouldn't put it past her. Either way, the anonymous source adds that Liam won't be watching anyway, but he “has his people watching it for him.” What a wondrous place this Hollywood is.

(Photo: Daniel Tanner / WENN.com)