In An Attempt To Connect To Her Original Fans, Miley Cyrus Gives Herself The Doug Funnie Haircut

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In a continued effort to put the paparazzi out of business, Miley Cyrus photographed her own “look at me” stunt last night. Yes, while you and your fellow patriots got into a One Direction vs. Spice Girls Olympic closing ceremony fan war on Tumblr, Miley Cyrus chopped off her bun.

She just cut it all off like it wasn't ever there. Which only really bothers me because it seems like it was just last week that she dyed it blonde — and was all like “I don't care what anybody thinks. My hair! My choice!”

Not only am I starting to worry she has major hair A.D.D, but also that she's lacking a concept of money. Which is odd, because mostly child stars are equivalent to unlicensed accountants.

That's basically along the same lines of buying a really expensive pair of jeans one week and then cutting off your legs the next. I think everyone understands the need for a change, but everyone also understands the need to at least pretend to be fiscally responsible in this economy.

Then again, perhaps Miley Cyrus is growing concerned that she's losing her original fan base to Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato and Harry Styles' hair and felt the urge to connect with them in a more primal way. A way that would make them reminisce fondly about their youth and their role models and their favorite TV shows.

I mean, you have to admit, the resemblance is uncanny!