If Avril Lavigne Were Trying To Pull A Miley With Her Shaved Head, She’s Doing It Wrong

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Avril Lavigne shaved head Miley Cyrus Chad Kroeger engagedNow that she's relevant again for the most WTF reason — getting engaged to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger — Avril Lavigne is obviously looking to get as much attention out of the spotlight the second time around. But while her first run of fame had her at least introducing '00s girls to a vaguely original brand of skater-girl fashion, this time Avril doesn't even have the energy to come up with something unique.

Check out the, um… interesting hairstyle Avril debuted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week yesterday. Look familiar? Yep, we're thinking it's a pretty blatant rip-off of Miley Cyrus‘ shaved-head pixie cut. Or at least, Avril started out that way and then realized what a mistake she'd made, and tried to cover it up by channeling Ke$ha with a garish dye job and… yes, those are metal studs pinned into her hair.

Of course, Avril tells it differently. “Tonight I got a little wild with my hair dye in my hotel room,” she told Us Weekly, adding, “I just got dye happy and dyed my whole hair blond and then went crazy with these colors and studs.”

Suure, Avril. Sorry, but this smacks of trying too hard. But can you really blame her? Avril came of age as a celebrity in the era when we were still copying-and-pasting her lyrics into our AIM away messages, not our Facebook Walls. She doesn't know that the proper way to orchestrate a drastic haircut leak is through a Twitpic, not a celebrity photographer.

Avril, you gotta own your niche status as nearly-forgotten '00s singer. Because you've got something Miley doesn't: The nostalgia factor. And that goes a long way with the kids.

Photo: Dan Jackman/WENN.com