Miley Cyrus Has The Best Reason For Voting In This Funny Or Die Video

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With the election coming up in just a few months, I imagine you've had it about up to here with celebrity endorsements. Especially when they're trying and failing to be ironic, like Madonna. But I assure you, this Rock the Vote video from Funny Or Die features celebrities who are actually really funny while convincing you to exercise your democratic power. Stars like Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet, Joel McHale, and Neil Patrick Harris give their reasons to vote… and they're not as squeaky clean or patriotic as you would expect.

What's interesting is that a lot of the celebrities in this video will poke fun at themselves and/or the fictional characters we've come to know them as. For instance, NPH's comment about toothless old ladies sounds more like Barney Stinson, but we know that Joel McHale‘s comment about the curtains is more like his material from The Soup than Community. And because this is a FOD video, you get a good amount of grown-up language. I love it when stars aren't censored.

Speaking of uncensored, Miley Cyrus is my favorite part of this video. She mocks her Twitter trigger finger, saying “I'm voting because it makes my hands stronger for tweeting” and “I'm gonna skip my next haircut to vote” then mouthing “Not really.” Good for her! She knows the power she wields over impressionable youths — and bloggers who need pageviews to pay their rent in Brooklyn — and here she is using that power for good.