Let’s Analyze The New Miley Cyrus Song For Clues That She’s Pregnant

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Well it's that time of the week again. The time when we over-analyze Miley Cyrus and her weekly choices in an attempt to decipher if she's pregnant with Liam Hemsworth's baby. It's stressful work, but someone's morally obligated to do it — and as the blogger with the highest moral standards on the Internet, the responsibility naturally falls on me.  But enough about me and my pending Pulitzer. Yesterday Miley Cyrus released the track for “Morning Sun“, her collaboration with Rock Mafia.

Hollywood Life predicts it will be a huge hit in the clubs. We predict it means Miley Cyrus is with child. Either way, prepare to hear it a lot over the next month or so. Almost as much as you heard “Party in the USA” at your Fourth of July BBQ yesterday. (Or maybe it was just my party where everyone constantly got told to put their hands up.)

Is it just or me or does this song reek of a woman desperate to tell us she's pregnant. Here are the lyrics to the chorus that she sings FIVE times during the song.

Who are you?
I wanna be with you,
'til the morning sun, sun, sun.
Who are you?
I wanna be with you,
'til the morning sun.

If that's not an expecting mother singing to her unborn child in an attempt to get to know him/her, then I have to look up lullaby in the dictionary. Many pregnant women want to know who their child is while simultaneously feeling a longing to be with them. It's natural and normal. Miley just puts those thoughts to a cool beat in this song.

With the timeline I have going in my head, she's at least a month along by now. Which means she won't be showing for 2-7 months. Or so the OB-GYN I contacted via Yahoo Answers told me this morning in an exclusive interview.

Liam Hemsworth still has no comment on the suspected pregnancy.

P.S – When would be a good time to discuss her festive Fourth of July twitpic?