You Know It’s Almost Spring When Miley Rides A Hot Dog

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Miley Cyrus "Bangerz" Tour - Anaheim, California
Spring is almost here, (an arguable statement for us New Yorkers), but what better way to celebrate–aside from bottomless brunches because hey, they are legal again–than by watching Totally Clevver's “Top 7 Must See's for Spring.”

You can't go wrong when Tuesday's episode is entitled: “Miley Rides a Hot Dog + 6 More Must Sees.” Surprisingly, this seems reasonably docile for the girl who can't be tamed and can't stop, won't stop. Would you like fries with that hot dog, Miley?

Be sure to check out the totally clevver (wink, wink) and hilarious commentary from hosts Traci & Jarrett, as well as guest starts including Star Crossed's Malese Jow and Need For Speed's Aaron Paul, aka our favorite fictional meth dealer.

Get your bowl of popcorn ready (or in my case cookie dough), sit back, relax, and enjoy.

(Photo: Getty Images)