Video: Flavor Flav Sincerely Mistakes Miley Cyrus For Gwen Stefani

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Many things happened this past weekend at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas. As you may know, Greenday‘s Billie Joe Armstrong threw a temper tantrum onstage, but let's not let that overshadow the hilarious moment that occurred when Flavor Flav mistook Miley Cyrus for Gwen Stefani.

Really? Really. As you can see from the video above, a platinum blonde Miley was walking around backstage when she ran into Flav, who was all like “Gwen Stefani, wow!” Jumping at the chance to pretend to be Gwen for a minute, Miley went with it, taking a picture with him and everything. Later on, when someone told him that she was, in fact, Miley Cyrus, he was like “that's Hannah Montana? Y'all stupid!” Eventually, however, they convinced him, at which point he apologized to Miley and she covered up her pretending to be Gwen by saying she hadn't heard him when he was calling her “GWEN STEFANI!!!” repeatedly. (Yeah right.)

If I were the 42-year-old pop-rock goddess Gwen Stefani, I'm not sure if I'd be flattered Flavor Flav mistook a 19-year-old for me, or insulted that said 19-year-old was the mewling voice behind “Party in the USA.”

(Via PinkIsTheNewBlog)