Oddly Enough, This Pants-Free Photo Of Miley Cyrus Is Her Prudest Photo Ever

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What did celebrity enthusiasts write about in the days before Miley Cyrus started live-tweeting her life? I don't know and I don't want to know. Just because it's Halloween season, doesn't mean I want to be too scared to sleep at night. So that horrifying thought will remain here in this blog — and not in my head.

Which means we can start talking about important stuff, the stuff that matters, the stuff that you tell all your friends when you're trying to sound intellectual. What kind of stuff? Oh stuff like the fact that Miley Cyrus tweeted (or pheeded…what is this?!) this photo of her not wearing pants.

Aaahhh indeed!

And before all the pervs who came to this site by searching weird shit on Google get all excited, you can't see anything! It covers just as much as any other shirt you'd wear as a dress. And because it's long-sleeved, she's actually more covered up than she usually is when she's taking photos of herself.

We can't even see any midriff in this photo! Luckily for Miley, that means she can now attend my high school without getting any dress code infractions. Unluckily for Miley, I lied. My dress code strictly prohibited thigh. Sorry girlfriend!

(Photo: Pheed)