Miley Cyrus Did Something Actually Responsible, So I’m Ready To Adopt A Flying Pig Now

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Miley Cyrus Performs on The Today Show October 7 2013 New York City NYMiley Cyrus and her trusty tongue have pretty much dominated the news this year, but it's usually not for very responsible or heartening things. It's usually for being naked in a music video or talking unapologetically about drug use or getting rid of her eyebrows or doing pretty much anything to shock us. Take your pick. However, after hearing this latest story about her restaurant behavior, I think the residents of hell are currently enjoying some fun ice skating.

Miley reportedly paid for a couple's restaurant bill after bothering them during their anniversary dinner. She and a friend were apparently noisy and disruptive when they entered the New York restaurant (okay, I didn't say she was responsible the whole time), and when the couple complained about her, she went over and apologized. A witness told the National Enquirer that Miley used “too much caffeine” as an excuse for her behavior, and when she found out it was their second wedding anniversary she left $100 to cover their tab and posed for photos with them.

I must say, despite the fact that this story starts with Miley causing a ruckus, it gives me a little more hope — assuming it's true — that she'll make it out of this phase. People might think I'm nuts, but I stand by my belief that it is just a phase, and a very calculated, carefully planned one at that. Whereas stars like Justin Bieber avoid responsibility and basic human decency at all costs, Miley is always ready and willing to own up to her antics.

And if you think about it, besides displaying plenty of behavior unbefitting for a young role model, there haven't been many reports of Miley treating people with disrespect. She was reportedly very professional during her gig on Saturday Night Live, prompting cast members like Vanessa Bayer to speak highly of her. Her form of professionalism might be a little bit different from yours or mine, considering her job involves licking a sledgehammer, but at least it involves some respect.

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