Miley Cyrus Spent The Holidays With Patrick And Arnold Schwarzenegger, So I Guess The Whole Family Is In On The Fakelationship

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Miley Cyrus kissing Patrick Schwarzenegger at USC game November 2014

Looks like the sweet, tender union between Destiny Hope Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger isn't going all “hasta la vista, baby” anytime soon since Miley apparently spent the holidays with her boyfriend and his family. And by Family, I of course mean AHHNOLD. She joined the Schwarzenegger bros for a meal (protein powder and raw eggs, probably) this week, and People magazine is reporting that she wore a “pink fleece leopard print turtleneck and a glitter heart sticker on her cheek”, which tells me this is serious effin' business.

There were rumors earlier this month that Maria Shriver, Patrick's mom, wasn't too thrilled with the idea of her handsome, formerly Taylor Swift-loving son cavorting with the notorious twerker, no matter how supportive she is of homeless con men. Maria eventually dispelled said rumors because PR because she's a nice, professional lady like that. But AHHNOLD ‘Pump YOU Up' Schwarzenegger has apparently welcomed his son's new love interest with open biceps.

So I guess the whole family's on board with this fakelationship, then? I mean, that's the conclusion I have to come to given the fact that they're (probably) not total idiots and they know ol' Patrick better than anyone. I'm just assuming it's a way for him to go from mildly famous to moderately famous. Which is fine. I just don't know why he'd pick someone who's so clearly going through something right now. And for the last two years.


(Photo: Harry How / Getty Images Sport)