This Lovefest Between Miley Cyrus And A Paparazzo Seems Orchestrated To Make Them Both Look Good

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Miley Cyrus paparazzo Hughe Dillon Liam HemsworthAm I the only one who thinks this news story about the lovefest between Miley Cyrus and paparazzo Hughe Dillon is kinda suspect? Good Day Philadelphia interviewed Dillon, who makes his living by sneakily photographing the celebrities shooting movies — and then partying at night — in Philly. They brought him on the morning show, I believe, just for the sake of him gushing over what a doll Miley was that one time they crossed paths. See, she was visiting fiance Liam Hemsworth on the set of his movie Paranoia, but asked that she not be photographed since she wasn't part of the cast. Dillon honored that request, and during the cast party Miley personally thanked him.

You might want to bring the Kleenex before reading his account, because it's just so damn moving:

“They were walking towards G Lounge. Now I had left, and I happened to go back to G Lounge, to go dancing. So when I got to the door, the VIP suite where they went, I got to the door and they told me that Miley was in there but no pictures, and I said that’s fine I got all of them earlier. And as I was standing there, Liam came out and he went into the street and Miley came out and she stopped right in front of me and she said, ‘You know what, I just wanna thank you so much for respecting my privacy. I know that you knew that I was a lot of places and you never came and took my photo. Also I love that you wrote so many nice things about me on your site, and so many nice things about my fans on your site.'”

Nicholas Sparks could learn a thing or two from a feel-good story like this. And no one had to die! But seriously—we at Crushable are nothing if not intensely cynical about all celebrity encounters, and this feels pretty orchestrated. Maybe not to a Kim Kardashian engagement ring level, but several factors don't ring true.

Like, I went through Dillon's site PhillyChitChat, and the only positive account I could find about Miley was his description of the wrap party. Now, unless one or both of them can time travel, it doesn't make sense that she'd be referencing that specific post. Also, from what I saw of Dillon in the video at the source, he didn't seem like someone who would go to a swanky club just to go dancing, with no agenda.

Really, think about what a win-win this kind of anecdote is: It humanizes paparazzi and shows that they have their standards, while also making someone polarizing like Miley come across as this sensitive, humble star. The thing is, we know when we're being bullshitted, and anyway, an anonymous paparazzo already did that great Reddit AMA. Sorry Miley, you just didn't get there fast enough.

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