There’s A Very Good Chance That Someone You Know Googled ‘Miley Cyrus Naked’ In The Past 24 Hours

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Well, I should have seen this coming. After all, I know there are people who there who wake up and think to themselves, “where's the best place for me to get a glimpse of Miley Cyrus' boobs today? Let me google and find out!” I just didn't know there were this many people doing it.

Seriously, enough people came to Crushable yesterday looking for naked photos of Miley Cyrus that you might know one of them. Or two of them. They could be your friend, your father, your neighbor, your alter-ego.

Be suspicious, especially toward people who stare longingly at bathtubs while reminiscing about The Last Song.

Where art thou people with decency? (Hint: not lurking on the internet searching for photos of Miley Cyrus in a bathtub)

Yesterday I posted this article about Miley Cyrus posing nude in the bathtub. Naturally, I included a leaked photo in the post. Because first and foremost I am a journalist and I seek to do my industry proud by always finding a way to show sideboob. Sorry I'm not sorry about taking the lesson “show, don't tell” to heart.

Today I checked the analytics page to see exactly why it was one of our top posts. (This is very insider-y right now, so, you're welcome.) Sure it's an extremely fascinating story that I had to go undercover to write, but it's nothing that a 25-year-old undercover reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times couldn't have written while pretending to be a high school student.

Here's why it's one of our top posts two days in a row:

Awesome job America. Way to have your priorities straight. And really, this many people want to see Miley Cyrus naked in a bathtub? Did they know these specific photos exist, or do they just spend all day googling places where Miley Cyrus could be naked.

Miley Cyrus nude in barn

Miley Cyrus nude in space

Miley Cyrus nude while deep sea fishing on a 1998 model boat

So many questions, so few Miley Cyrus Nude enthusiasts who come forward to answer them.