Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Care That Nick Jonas Went All Taylor Swift On Her

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In an interview with Ryan Seacrest today, Miley Cyrus admitted that she kinda knows Nick Jonas'Wedding Bells” song is about her. And then she goes on to say that it's whatever.

 And this new JoBros song? “It's whatever,” she said. “I don't know,” she backtracked a bit. “Wedding bells are in my future, so I don't know.”

Some former boyfriend went all Taylor Swift on her ass and she doesn't really care. She's so busy just being Miley that she doesn't have time to worry about being Nick Jonas' ex-girlfriend. That's in her past, taking risque midriff-baring photos is in her future.

And tell you what, I kind of admire her for blowing it off. While she could easily pull a John Mayer and go whining to the media that Nick Jonas wrote a song about her, she's choosing not to do that.  Which means she's either maturing or she's planning to use that song as her and Liam walk down the aisle to remind him that he's not the only hot brother she's ever dated.

Ugh, guys, I'm developing such a complex relationship with Miley Cyrus. Before she convinced Liam Hemsworth to propose to her this summer, I never thought about her. Maybe for a minute here or there, but never long-term. But then she betrothed herself to the rising movie star and suddenly started popping up everywhere. Every other minute she did something that required me to write about it. Simply put, she exhausted me and she exhausted my fingers.

Then something changed. I'm still writing about her  17 times a day, but I went from feeling slightly annoyed by her to almost liking her. She doesn't hide who is (a former child star) or what she wants (attention) and she really is just bein' Miley.

In a world where so many stars are trying to hide something, she's just putting it all out there — cleavage and all.  I gotta respect her for that.

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