Miley Cyrus’ Friends Got Tattoos In Tribute To Her Dead Dog, Which I’m Sure They’ll Never Regret

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Miley Cyrus and friends dog tattoo July 2014

When I first heard that Miley Cyrus and her friends got matching tattoos in tribute to her dead dog Floyd, I thought for sure that they must be temporary. It must have just been a nice way for Miley and her pals to remember him. But based on the photos Miley posted to her Instagram, they might have actually gotten the tattoos done for real. Like, for permanent. Which is ridiculous.

Miley got the tattoo, which features a drawing of Floyd with a word bubble reading “with a little help from my fwends,” at a house party over the weekend. Which one of us is going to be the one to tell her she spelled “friends” wrong? I'm not doing it, so it'll have to be you. But I don't know if any of us want to be the ones tasked with comforting Miley's friends in ten years when they've had a falling out with her and realize they have a picture of her dog and a childishly spelled phrase drawn permanently onto their ribcages. If the tattoos are real, that is. I'm still holding out hope they're not.

Still, Miley posted the below photo of someone wearing gloves and holding what looks to be a needle to her skin, which would sort of point to realness.

Miley Cyrus getting tattoo of dog July 2014

In which case I must ask Flaming Lips lead singer Wayne Coyne and his girlfriend Katy Weaver what they're thinking. Whoa whoa whoa, did I just type that Katy is Wayne's girlfriend? So not only did they get matching tattoos in tribute to someone else's dog, but they also got matching tattoos as a couple? So in addition to potentially having a falling out with Miley and forever carrying her dog's image on their bodies, they could will also break up and walk around for the rest of their lives with matching couple tats? Couple tats that are, once again, in tribute to their mutual (possibly ex-) friend's dog.

At least they'll have a fun story to tell at parties.

(Photos: Instagram)