Miley Cyrus Needs Better Friends: Racy Photos Leaked

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Miley Cyrus Needs Better Friends  Racy Photos Leaked Picture 71 280x176 pngMiley Cyrus‘ downward spiral continues. The internet is now home to photos of Miley lifting up her shirt and letting some chic pretend to lick her boobs. Fun times! The images were leaked by…Miley’s frenemies? Girl needs better friends. STAT.

Earlier this week, Miley’s “friends” created a parody video of her now infamous salvia smoking video. And now there are photos of her pulling off her clothes and getting super friendly with her assistant. (Also, dang. That assistant loves see-through clothes.)

Miley has a tendency toward the outrageous while hanging out with her pals. But she really needs to pay closer attention to who is photographing and videotaping her.

If that parody video is any indication, it looks like some of Miley’s friends would like some of Miley’s fame to rub off on them. Note to the chic from that video: nobody’s going to hire you to be a singer because you look like Miley and played guitar on a mean video that went viral. Sorry!