It’s Literally Impossible For Miley Cyrus To Have The Body Of A Young Boy

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It s Literally Impossible For Miley Cyrus To Have The Body Of A Young Boy Miley Cyrus 2014 VMAs jpg

Last night V Magazine released a naked photo of Miley Cyrus. As a living and breathing human being, I’ll assume you’ve already seen it. What you might not have seen yet is what people are saying about it. More specifically, what people are saying about her body and how closely it resembles a young boy’s. If I follow their logic correctly, her “boy body” means that she shouldn’t have posed naked. You know, because she’s unattractive and prepubescent and making people feel like pedophiles and all that caveman jazz.

Here are just a few sample tweets of what I’m seeing on the Internet today:


While you might not agree with Miley’s choice to do this photo shoot, you do have to agree that she doesn’t have the body of a young boy. Mostly because she’s a 22-year-old woman. And unless I’m doing my math wrong, that means she has the body of a 22-year-old woman, since you know, it’s her body and she lives in it every single day. Just because her body’s not curvy doesn’t mean that it’s not a grown woman’s body. Because again, just to drive this point all the way home and into the garage, she is a grown woman and that is literally her body. (Unless, of course, you know something that I don’t and we’re dealing with a Freaky Friday situation here. If so, do tell.)

To all the people who aren’t sexually attracted to Miley after seeing this photo, that’s okay! We’re all attracted to different types of bodies, which works out pretty well for the survival of the human species. What is not okay is to assume that everyone’s attracted to the same kinds of bodies that you are — and then to draw the conclusion that every body that you’re not attracted to is inherently undesirable.

It’s 2015. It’s not only time that we accept the fact that grown women come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but also that insulting a woman’s body is not an acceptable way to discuss her career choices. Hate on Miley all you want, but please, do it for the right reasons.

(Photo: PacificCoastNews)