Miley Cyrus Releases ‘My Sad Christmas Song’ For Everyone Who Had A Crappy Holiday

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Miley Cyrus Releases  My Sad Christmas Song  for Everyone Who Had a Crappy Holiday Miley Cyrus My Sad Christmas Song jpg

Welp, it’s the Monday after Christmas. How was it for you? Cheerful? Joyous? Merry? If so, good for you. If not, Miley Cyrus has a Christmas song for you. It’s called “My Sad Christmas,” and if you ask me it’s about time we had some more songs that acknowledge that this time of year isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Or twinkly lights and falling snow, whatever you want to call it.

Whether you spent this Christmas away from your family, or even with your family and wishing it were away from your family, or if you’re just getting over a break-up or a dealing with a tragedy, or if all the joy of the season has been lost to the stress of gift-giving and party-planning, or if you couldn’t get a ticket for Star Wars, or if yuletide spirit just happens to make you really depressed for no specific reason, Miley’s song will speak to you.

Miley released it on Christmas Eve, but if you ask me, it’s even more relevant after the fact, because even those of us who had high hopes for the holiday going into it might feel very different once they’re on the other side.

To be honest, it kind of sounds like every other spontaneous, literal-lyric song Miley releases (cough the dead blowfish song cough). And yes, the first part of the song, where she questions why she “even put up the fucking tree” and talks about binge watching her favorite shows, might resonate with you more than the parts about giving Santa beer and showing her boobs.

But, you know, it’s the thought that counts. And the “missing you on fucking Christmas” is likely to resonate with anyone who can’t be with someone they love this year. So it’s not a 10/10, but in a world of jingle bells and joy to the world, we’ll take what we can get.

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