Miley Cyrus Is Calling Out Selena Gomez By Saying The MMVA Voting Was Rigged

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Miley Cyrus pointing GIFThe Much Music Video Awards were last night, but the drama from said awards has extended all the way into the daylight hours, with Miley Cyrus saying that the voting was rigged. Ohhhh dammmnnnnn gurrrlllllll!

Well, she actually didn't say exactly that. Instead, she invented some sort of Tweety Bird language in which every word starts with ‘w', which she used to post a very mysterious message on Twitter.

Hmmmm. I don't have my decoder ring handy, but I think I cracked your code. Miley appears to be referring to the fact that Selena Gomez beat her out for Favorite International Artist, which I'll agree is mad sketchy. After all, there were three Miley songs from the past year that made a serious impact (‘Wrecking Ball', ‘Adore', and ‘We Can't Stop'), a performance from last year's VMAs that people still can't stop talking about, multiple record-breaking videos, and a tour that was selling well until she was sidelined by that mysterious hospital stay.

Meanwhile Selena has one song that I remember (‘Come And Get It'), zero memorable performances, and canceled the last few performances of her tour to go to rehab, which isn't the worst thing, because it was A. pretty lackluster and B. already plagued with rumors of lip-syncing. And yet, Selena supposedly raked in 20 million votes despite the fact that only 97,000 people bought her album ‘Stars Dance'. Seems pretty suspect.

My only theory is that the MMVA's might have been trying to lure Selena out of her downward spiral with a delectable little trophy that doesn't come from the Kid's Choice or Teen Awards, which are her usual stomping ground. That's a little white lie that I feel like both Miley and I could get behind.

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