This ‘Evolution Of Miley Cyrus’ Medley Will Remind You That She Sings Some Catchy Songs With That Tongue Of Hers

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Miley Cyrus medley 2014

What with all of Miley Cyrus' over-the-top antics and overall clotheslessness, it can be easy to forget that she's actually a singer, and that her songs are really catchy. Not just the songs on her most recent album, but even the ones she recorded back in her Hannah Montana days. As a shameless fan of generic pop music, nothing gets me dancing in my chair like a Miley song, and this new “Evolution of Miley Cyrus” medley is a great reminder of that.

It comes from Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying, who form the duo Superfruit and are also in the a capella group Pentatonix. You know, the absolutely amazing Pentatonix who made that “Evolution of Beyonce” medley that your ears will love you for listening to. And don't forget about their Frozen medley either. Medleys all around! This new video was just posted on Tuesday, and it already has over one million views on YouTube. Get ready to add at least five more views to that number on your own, because that's how many times you're going to want to watch it.

The guys start with the classic “Best of Both Worlds,” continue into songs like “The Climb” (a personal favorite of mine), and of course visit “Party in the USA” before finally reaching Miley's more recent Bangerz hitz. There are also helpful visual aids included so you can follow the evolution of Miley's hair, scowl, and level of nudity at the same time as you journey through her musical repertoire. We might be sick of seeing that tongue hanging out of her mouth, but you have to admit she uses it to sing some damn fun songs.