Miley Cyrus Was Asked To Go To Prom Via YouTube, Because It’s That Time Of Year Again

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Miley Cyrus attending VH1 Divas event December 2012

In case you thought the trend of teenage fans awkwardly begging and pressuring asking their celebrity crushes to prom via YouTube was so 2013, then you can rest easy because apparently, that is one trend that's here to stay!  It looks like Miley Cyrus is the first celebrity to be put on the spot this year, and I have to hand it to her #1 fan Matt Peterson for not waiting until the last minute like so many reluctant teenage guys out there:

The video, while a little pretentious, is actually entertaining.  Although is it really fair that this kid has already met Miley and been singled out at one of her concerts before?  What about all of the other boys and girls who cry just thinking about her because it's HANNAH MONTANA YOU GUYS.

Okay, so I might be a solid decade older than prom age, but if anyone knows of a gala or fancy event for late twentysomethings who are poor but like to drink alcoholic beverages, let me know so I can upload a cringe-worthy iPhone video to George Clooney, with love.  Even though I'm married and don't technically fulfill all of the requirements to be his girlfriend.

I have to hand it to Miley – not that I would expect her to be unkind in any way, but celebrities aren't obligated to respond to such public outcries for attention like this and she was a great sport about it. Let's just hope she keeps her top on.