Miley Cyrus Kissed A Girl At Britney’s Vegas Opening, Also Kellan Lutz

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Miley Cyrus Britney Spears Show Las Vegas 12-27-13

Lots of people flocked to Vegas last night to attend the opening of Britney Spears: Piece of Me and pay good money to hear the star lip sync her way through some of our favorite hits.  Katy Perry was there, but it was Miley Cyrus who did all of the girl-kissing last night.  Also Kellan Lutz-kissing, whom I've been informed is a “good friend” of Liam Hemsworth‘s.  Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Miley had quite the timeline of events last night, because why should Britney get all of the attention? It's only the opening of her show!  That being said, if I'm being forced to watch videos of Miley, I think I actually prefer watching her tamely make out with random people as opposed to twerking upon them (or masturbating, for that matter).  Nay, scratch that.  I much prefer her burning Joe Jonas and his whiny claims.

Apparently after that, Miley met up with her rumored rebound, Kellan Lutz at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.  Before Twi-hards go insane and initiate a petition to burn Miley at the stake, can we just take a minute and pat her on the back here? She somehow snagged two of the best-looking lead actors from the most highly successful teen franchises of all time.  Guess all that hard twerk has really paid off.

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