Miley Cyrus’s Producers Shocked By ‘Explicit’ Lyrics, Don’t Know She Can’t Be Tamed

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Miley Cyrus Producers Explicit

It looks like some people still haven't realized that neither Miley Cyrus nor her mohawk can be tamed. When will they learn? Miley's working on her new album, due out this year, and she has a new production team in Da Internz. (Hopefully they're paid ones.) The two producers expected Hannah Montana, but wild, tattoed, braless Miley showed up instead. The braless part was made up by me, but let's be honest — it's probably true.

Marcos “Kosine” Palacios told MTV:

“Yo, first of all, Miley is nothing what we expected. We expected her to be super reserved and so we were trying to be [that way to.] You know what I mean? She came in like ‘What up? What y'all doing?' We like ‘Oh, how you doing?' We had a good time! Miley is turned up!”

I am beyond entertained by how these hip-hop producers thought they had to be “super reserved” to get along with Miley Cyrus, as if she was going to walk in, ask for a cup of Earl Grey in the finest china they could find, sip it with her pinky out and say, “Very well, where shall we begin?”

If Da Internz were blown away by Miley saying “What up?” they're heads must have exploded when they heard her sing explicit lyrics. Da Other Intern, Ernest “Tuo” Clark, said:

“You got to think about this, never met Miley Cyrus and she invites us over to her house and first time meeting her saying ‘hi' is singing Big Sean[‘s] ‘Dance, Dance, Dance,' [the] Nicki Minaj verse. She sang the explicit version.”

They probably expected her to belt out the Radio Disney edit into her sparkly purple microphone, or — better yet — her hair brush.

Maybe this is a sign that Miley's edgier style of late hasn't really convinced people she's graduated from her Disneyfied persona. Personally, when she got that daring new hairstyle, the chemicals in my brain were suddenly altered and I started liking her, as if I could smell the bleach she used to dye her hair from miles away and it got to me. But maybe it's only enough to convert people like me. I don't know what else she could do to been seen in an edgier light without verging into intolerable territory. Maybe Da Internz can give her some ideas and get school credit.

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