Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Accidentally-On-Purpose Showed Off Their Wedding Rings

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I guess maybe Miley Cyrus was tired of us talking about her nipples, so she gave us something new to speculate upon.  Because if a week goes by and there isn't a Miley Cyrus headline somewhere, the Mayans will haunt us for eternity.  While posing for snuggly Christmas photos together, Liam Hemsworth and his betrothed forgot to cover up what looks exactly like matching wedding rings.  Or did they?

There are celebrities who like to get married in secret because they desperately seek privacy (ahem, Kate Winslet-Rocknroll) and then there's Miley Cyrus.  Whose definition of privacy is the occasional 5- minute Twitter break.  I have no idea why two people who are engaged to be married would wear actual matching wedding bands if they weren't in fact wedded.  I also have no idea why Miley Cyrus would wed Liam Hemsworth secretly, and how she could possibly have restrained herself from shouting it from the Twitter rooftops.

But if they are actually married and not just wearing some form of promise rings, then snapping Instagrams that blatantly display your wedding rings while distracting the eye with leopard foot pajamas and Christmas decor would probably be right up Miley's alley.  Because she's 19, she loves social media more than Leonardo DiCaprio loves foreign-born models, and she likes to play games with our minds.

Ugh, Miley!  I don't want to care about you, and yet… le sigh.  I care.  You win.  You always do.



(Photos: Instagram)