In News We Saw Coming, Ellen Hired Strippers And Surprised Miley Cyrus With A Bachelorette Party

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In case you're not up to speed on Hollywood Code, you should know that when two celebrities get the same haircut they're legally obligated to be best friends. Rumor has it that a judge enacted that rule to make it easier for magazines to get photos of the two side-by-side for any “who cut it better?” comparison articles.

So no one should be surprised that Ellen DeGeneres and Miley Cyrus are now  biffles. If one's sick or unable to attend to her BFFAEAE commitments, Pink's allowed to step in. Otherwise the two are required to trade GChats at least once a day and exclaim “twinsies” every time they see each other in public.

Yesterday, Ellen invited her best friend Miley Cyrus to be on her show. That's just one of the benefits of Ellen being your best friend. While Miley totally thought it would be just another interview where she had to talk about her wedding  to Liam Hemsworth (singular wedding! She says rumors that she's having  a billion weddings are untrue), Ellen surprised her with an on-air bachelorette party. And yes, that party obvi involved strippers. Two hot strippers who got their groins all up in Miley's face.

While you need to see the video to really understand what went down, just know that this stunt solidified Ellen on the list of possible Maid of Honors.