Liam Hemsworth Tames Lion, Considers It Practice For Taming Miley Cyrus

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In an effort to begin preparing for his marriage to his The Last Song co-star Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth allegedly spend time taming a wild lion in a Los Angeles savannah.  While you may be scratching your head and questioning the existence of a Los Angeles savannah, let me assure you it exists. It's members only and you have to upload footage of yourself singing “Party in the USA” sober to Youtube. And then share that on Facebook.

While doctors all agree that taming a lion's nothing in comparison to taming his fiance, everyone can agree that it's a good place to start — especially when the supposed fiance proudly proclaims that she can't be tamed.

Sources from the set say that Liam continually yelled, “don't make me change your Twitter password to something you'll never guess” and “put those scissors down” and “c'mon, that's my brother, can you not say that!”

Of course all these statements prompted on-set trainers to remind Liam that lions can't use Twitter. Mostly because they're incapable of figuring out the Captcha code successfully. However Liam still found the exercise useful in terms of communicating with Miley and hopes that he can take home some of the lessons he learned from the lion.

In fact, we spoke to a dermatologist who's never met either of the stars (or completed medical school) and he assures us that lion taming proves to be the most successful relationship counseling that exists.

(Photo: Xfinity)