Blast From The ‘Did This Really Happen’ Past: Miley Cyrus Raps About Quitting Twitter In 2009

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In news more unbelievable than Amanda Bynes retiring from acting only to unretire six minutes later, Miley Cyrus once quit Twitter back in 2009 because she grew tired of sharing her entire life with the social network.  And she didn't just quit it by closing her account –she quit it by rapping about it in a video. What a delicious and nutritious treat for our ears at the beginning of the week!

Now I vaguely remember her quitting happening back in 2009 because of  her then-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth not being on it. But I don't think I ever knew that she quit via rap, which is strange since 18 million+ people have viewed this video. I usually like to think if 18 million+ people are doing something, I'm in on it. But I guess I missed this magical moment back in 2009 when Miley went MIA. Perhaps (and this is a big perhaps) I had a life on that day. It's far more likely that I just spent the entire day writing Now and Then fan fiction and totally missed it.

But regardless, now I've seen it and I've memorized it and I'm going to rap it over and over again until Miley Cyrus appears in my office. It will be just like that moment in The Secret Garden when Colin's father returns because Mary taught them how rap ancient black magic chants.

Of course we now know that Miley Cyrus unquit Twitter and she unquit it cold turkey. One day she disappeared and the next day she re-emerged as the celebrity most able to use her Twitter to promote herself for being herself. But history now shows proof that she did quit and she did in typical Miley fashion — by making a fabulously unnecessary scene.

So whether you remember this moment clearly or you just learned what a Miley Cyrus was last week when you the tween you babysit for brought her up, enjoy this video. It's the reason we give celebrities access to the Internet.