Miley Cyrus Lost Liam Hemsworth’s Engagement Ring, So Please Bore Someone Else With Your Questions

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Miley Cyrus Grammys Pre Party January 25 2013 Los Angeles CA

I can only imagine how weary Miley Cyrus has grown of answering questions about Liam Hemsworth.  It's weird because she actually handles them in a mature fashion and doesn't give us nearly enough snark when talking about him.  I mean, what good is a celebrity breakup without at least a Twitter feud, you know?  So when Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth handled their broken engagement with, dare I say, a modicum of class, I was left a little confused.

Until today, when I read an interview Miley gavLove magazine (Yeah, I've never heard of it either) and gives one of the most deliciously blasé answers I could ever imagine anyone giving about a 3.5 carat diamond's whereabouts:

“Don't know.  Think it's in the shower.”

As someone who has a hard time wrapping her mind around a carat, let alone many carats, I find it scintillating that she quite possibly soaped off her engagement ring with a loofa one day and just left it among the soap scum and bleach-safe shampoo of her shower stall.

She then talked more in-depth about Liam, something she has to be sick of doing, but she actually offers some good sentiments about her first love:

“We still talk and communicate. I was with him since I was 16 and nothing’s ever going to make that go away. I’ve known this guy all that time and if it doesn't work out I can still smile and love him and he can love me and that’s great, that’s the way to be. Life is too short.”

Can I just say that I think I'm not just moving away from finding Miley Cyrus completely insufferable, but actually leaning towards like/admiring her a little?  I feel like I'm not alone in this revelation, either.  When she's not making terrible performance decisions, she's actually kinda cool and, I don't know, wise?  Or something?  I just think she has a great attitude about certain things, I suppose.  And I don't care how old you are or what happens in your life, everyone can relate to the first love thing.  Now if only she would swipe that ring out of the shower and auction it off for charity or something, my Miley Admiration Meter would really go into overdrive.

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