Miley And Liam May Try Couples Therapy, Because So Does Everyone At Age 19

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Miley And Liam May Try Couples Therapy  Because So Does Everyone At Age 19 Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth 2012 jpgMiley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have always been just like any other set of famous millionaires engaged to marry each other before one of them can legally drink in the United States. They twerk like us, they they smirk like us, they work like us, they…spork like us. I’m sorry! I ran out of ‘erk’ rhymes and this is already my second Miley post of the day! I’m running on fumes, here. But there are absolutely no differences between the life I led as a later-teenager early-twenty-ager, a fact totally supported by Miley’s alleged insistence that the two of them start couple’s counseling. Yes! Please! The sooner the better! Any time I was with a guy for a year or so, I’d always just get engaged to him. And when things weren’t going so well, I wouldn’t dream of breaking up with him! No! That’s when you know it’s time to get a dog or move in together or start couples counseling:

“She’s hoping to save her relationship by enlisting a therapist. She knows that Liam has one foot out the door and that she’ll lose him if she doesn’t act fast. Miley and Liam fight constantly because he’s always questioning if she’s the same girl he fell in love with. He doesn’t understand all of her new changes in life.”

Yes, see! These are all the signs that the relationship is working! A source close to MIley and Liam says that “they’re both not happy”, and that’s the best news you could hope for in the case of young love! Things should never be rewarding or fun, and you should be constantly defending yourself and your choices to your chosen partner. If they don’t have one foot out the door at all times, then what are they using it for? Kicking? PLEASE! I’d never go for a soccer player. Don’t be ridiculous.

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