I Never Thought I Would Be So Affected By Miley Cyrus Wanting A Twitter Break

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Miley Cyrus New York Fashion Week February 13th 2013I'm still trying to figure out where I stand on these rumors that Liam Hemsworth cheated on Miley Cyrus with January Jones. I'm not sure if I just have too much faith in Liam or if I'm too distracted by January's strange fashion sense to even consider the rumors or if I'm just too confused by the idea of Gale from The Hunger Games cheating on Hannah Montana with Betty Draper.

But whether or not I believe the rumors, I now know one thing: I'm feeling sad for Miley. Now that she has tweeted her emotions over the whole situation, denying that she is calling off her wedding and expressing a desire to take a break from social media, I'm feeling for her even more:

Miley Cyrus Twitter March 6th 2013It might not be a total Twitter break, because Miley continued that she hopes her new music will stop all the speculation about her personal life, and that she wants to only talk about her work from now on. And I'm surprised to say that it kind of broke my heart to see her so frustrated. I'm used to the bubbly, fun-loving Miley who jokes about her new blue hair and tweets light-hearted pictures. The fact that she is now dealing with such a mature problem is pretty sobering.

Whether or not the rumors are true, to be dealing with such serious and mature issues while in the public eye must be really confusing and upsetting. If I were in such a situation, even if I didn't have any personal proof of a scandal, hearing these sort of rumors would certainly make me pretty paranoid. We have enough trouble figuring out whether rumors like this are true as regular people reading celebrity news. So I can't imagine how strange it must feel to read those rumors about yourself.

Granted, Miley definitely chose to mature faster by getting engaged at such a young age. But it's still upsetting to see such a bright young star dealing with such an adult scandal. It's yet another reason why I don't envy young celebrities. Growing up is hard enough without having people scrutinize your love life.

So get happy, Miley. I want to see more crazy hair and goofy interviews and maybe more “Party in the USA.” Yeah, I said it. I'm not ashamed.

(Photo: Enrique RC, PacificCoastNews.com)