Miley Now Says She And Liam Broke Up In February, Internet Is Like, ‘No Duh’

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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus together August 2013Miley Cyrus has just revealed that even though she and Liam Hemsworth only released the news of their breakup a week or so ago, that they actually broke up way back in February. Okay girl. We already knew that, but okay. Whatever you need to get off your chest at this point is just fine. As you made clear in your interview with Rolling Stone released yesterday, you're totally over adult involvement (#9 on this list) in your life and career, so you're really running your own show at this point.

And it shows. I feel like doing a magazine interview with Miley these days really is the quickest way to make a buck. You don't need to spend any time working on content of your own, or crafting segues to take her from one sound bite to another — you just sit her down somewhere, put a pack of cigarettes on the table, say the word 'twerk', and she's off and running, writing the whole article for you. Case in point, here's what she had to say to Canada's Fashion Magazine about her upcoming song 'Drive', which she's now claiming is about how she wanted to leave Liam but couldn't:

'I wrote it while I was working on Valentine's Day – emotionally it was such a hard time. It is about needing to leave someone but not really wanting to completely cut yourself off from the relationship. It's a time when you want to leave but you can't. It's also about moving on.'

It's like…about when you want to leave, but every adult in your life tells you that you can't. Totally relatable. And here she is talking about her career:

'I feel like I'm in a different lane now. When it comes to critics, I have my blinders on and I don't really feel like I have to compete with other pop artists. I never think, "oh this performance is going to make her look bad or out-shadow her" either.'

Right, but it might make you look bad or overshadow your own music, right?

'But if there is no competition, there would be no reason for any of us to show up to work. At an office, everyone is trying to be boss. Pop music is the same. What I wear adds a factor that other girls can't compete with.'

Oh good. I'm glad that even though Miley is telling us herself just to focus on the music and ignore the other stuff, that she's very aware that the other stuff is the only reason that she's even relevant right now. Because the other girls can't compete with it. Classic.

'I'm proud of that performance. I feel like music is really stale right now. I could have guessed what a lot of artists would have done that night. The reaction to what I did has been insane. I think it was a breath of fresh air! For the people that don't get it, you weren't meant to.'

I…did not find it to be a breath of fresh air. I found it to be a breath of scary air that smelled like burned popcorn and baby powder. But that's just me.

'Drive' is being released October 4th, 2013.

(Image: Daniel Tanner / WENN.com)