Here’s That Video Where Miley Cyrus Proves She’s Better At Karaoke Than You Are

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Miley Cyrus performing in Times Square New Years Eve 2013 into 2014Miley Cyrus is many things, but one thing she isn't is someone who does things half-assed. Like her or not, you have to realize that if she's coming into a bar, she's not doing so to sit quietly in the corner, nursing a drink and bobbing her head to the music while everyone else has a great time. Nay nay nay.

Which is why this video of Miley and her friends throwing themselves into a karaoke rendition of ‘Baby Got Back' is zero percent surprising.

Let me set the scene for you. First of all, it's St. Patrick's Day, so you can presume there's been some significant drinking taking place leading up to this moment. Second of all, we're in New Orleans, which has it's own reputation for party happy fun times, and third of all, we're at a karaoke bar. Everything I've said so far guarantees that any person who graces that stage is gonna be a hot ass mess, particularly since it's a whole gaggle of girls singing a Sir-Mix-A-Lot song at a place called the Cat's Meow. It's probably my own bias, but any place with the world ‘cat' in the name, feel like has the potential to get especially sloppy.

But I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that Miley held it together surprisingly well. Especially in a song with a long rap portion like that, there's a high probability that it's gonna end with people bouncing around, out of breath and not knowing the words, just waiting for the song to end. And for about a minute and a half, it looked like it was gonna end up that way. But then Miley got tired of people not knowing the words, and waved over for a mic and GOT DOWN.

You see that? She powered through the whole time, remembering way more of the lyrics than I ever would and even saved enough energy for a light twerk at the end.


(Photo: Dennis Van Tine / Future Image / WENN.com)