Miley Cyrus Reportedly Calls J.Law A Liar, Which I Think Breaks One Of The Ten Commandments

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When Jennifer Lawrence went on Late Night With Seth Meyers and told a story about drunkenly puking in front of a judgmental Miley Cyrus at Madonna's Oscar party, it seemed like a funny talk show story we wouldn't be talking about for very long. But according to this alleged tweet from Miley Cyrus, this ain't over. Why? Because the tweet claims those events never happened. Would Miley Cyrus dare question the universe's dream BFF? Who should we even believe? How soon should I grab the popcorn?

Oh No They Didn't! has a screenshot of a tweet allegedly sent and then deleted by Miley in response to the interview:

Miley Cyrus Jennifer Lawrence tweet lying May 2014

Uh oh. Shit just got real. If Miley did actually send that tweet, why would she delete it so quickly? Maybe she read the comments on our recent post daring to criticize J.Law and realized that it's simply not allowed. But who should we even trust here? Should we trust J.Law, who was admittedly drunk to the point of puking at the time and might not even remember what happened? (Gawker wonders if she purposely exaggerated the events to sound cooler, kind of like she's been accused of faking her red carpet falls.) Or should we trust Miley, who also dabbles in mind-altering substances and tells her own “Look how cool I am!” stories.

But could this all have just been a misunderstanding that J.Law twisted into an anecdote? She never made it entirely clear whether Miley told her to “get it together” verbally, or just gave her a look that suggested it. Some people seem to have taken her vagueness and assumed Miley specifically said it, but it could have been that a drunk J.Law saw Miley standing nearby, assumed she was being judged, and figured it would make a fun late night story without considering what would happen if Miley found out. And can we really be surprised by that when she's been praised time and time again for her “realness” and lack of filter? She's got a reputation to live up to, but unfortunately that comes with the risk of annoying and/or offending people.

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